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For 5 years, this is still the only page on the entire web that answers Microsoft's question "Where do you want to go today?"

Welcome to the web site of Croomers (or Croomites)(or Croomabillies). We welcome your comments. (If anyone actually knows what people from Croom are called, please contact Tom Cavanaugh)

So far the results are:

  • Croomers: 6 votes
  • Croomites: 5 votes
  • Croomabillies: 3 votes
  • Croomarians: 3 votes
  • Croomians: 3 votes
  • Croomfolks: 2 votes
  • Croomorons: 2 votes
  • Croom Critters: 1 vote
  • Croom Of The Crop: 1 vote
  • Croombos: 1 vote
  • Croomaniacs: 1 vote
  • Croomanians: 1 vote
  • Croomarinos: 1 vote
  • Croomatoids: 1 vote
  • Croomazones: 1 vote
  • Croomettes: 1 vote
  • Croomies: 1 vote
  • Croomonians: 1 vote
  • Croomsters: 1 vote
  • Croomudgians: 1 vote
  • People from the Town Formally Known as Croom: 1 vote
    An interesting suggestion. Python-esque, I think.

One voter said that "Croomians" sounds like a race of aliens from Star Trek. Another suggested that "Croomite" sounds like an insect.

Croom's Claim to Fame

Some of my favorite signs in and around Croom:

The intersection of Van Brady Road and Van Brady Road. and more to come...

Croom in the News:

They're at it again! - Washington Post reporter Carolyn Feola wrote a nice article about us, Croom Is in Control Of Its Remoteness (I don't know if I'd put it that way. - Tom), and, once again, everyone will want to live here!

Good Friday Fire in local Fellowship Hall - At about 11 PM on Friday, April 13th, a fire swept through Brooks Hall at Nottingham-Myers United Methodist Church. The hall was built in 1952 by members of the church, and contained the church offices, Sunday School classrooms, and the meeting hall and kitchen. All the church records were destroyed in the fire. Firefighters worked for about 90 minutes to put the fire out.
The Washington Post and the Prince Georges' Journal covered the story.

Tornado passes through! - The National Weather Service has confirmed that Croom suffered a tornado during the thunderstorm on the evening of May 13th. Croom was without electricity (and since we're all on wells, water too!) for about 20 hours. The Prince Georges Journal covered the story.

Oh, go ahead! Tell everyone about us! - Washington Post Staff Writer Eugene L. Meyer wrote about one of his excursions through our area, entitled So Close, Yet So Far (in which, among other things, he mentions this website! Thanks, Gene.). Let's just hope that not too many people read it. Otherwise, everyone will want to live here!

Cellular One Drives a Stake through the Heart of Croom - For years, Cellular One (now Cingular Wireless) has tried to build a relay tower in the Croom area. The county, however, required a period of public notice followed by community hearings. Because of the rural, scenic, historic nature of Croom, the community always banded together to thwart their attempts. Cellular One lobbied the county council and got them to revise the regulations, and now towers under 200 feet tall don't need to be approved by the local community. Just one more of the many legacies from the "Honorable" Mr. Parris Glendening. Cellular One struck an deal with Dean Pantazes (yes, that Dean Pantazes), an absentee land owner, and erected a 150 foot tall tower in the center of Croom, alongside the Country Corner Market, less than fifty feet from Croom Road. Numerous residents have sworn to have the law changed back, and see the tower removed.

Community Notices:

  • For Sale: Moore's Country Store and Deli - Includes Liquor License, Lottery and Keno
  • Chesapeake Bay Critical Area Driving Tour - From the Patuxent River Park to the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, a four mile self-guided tour with interpretive stops. Free.
    • Saturdays - Open to hikers and bicyclists from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at either the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary or the Patuxent River Park.
    • Sundays - Open to automobiles from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM starting at the Patuxent River Park and ending at the Merkle Wildlife Sanctuar.
  • Merkle Wildlife Sanctuary, 11704 Fenno Road, Croom, (301) 888-1410. $2.00/vehicle park service charge will allow access to the sanctuary for the day.
  • Patuxent River Park - , 16000 Croom Airport Road, Croom, (301) 627-6074.
  • W. Henry Duvall Tool Museum at the Patuxent River Park - Features antique farm equipment and domestic items. . Free and open through September on Sundays from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.
  • And, of course:
    Support your local Marlboro Volunteer Fire Department
    7710 Croom Road, in Croom, Maryland

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